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When marketers run ad campaigns, they’re usually hoping to drive sales. But every customer journey is different, which means every ad experience has to be different, too.

Your customers discover, compare, and buy products across channels and devices, which means that you need to know what customers want to buy, when they’re ready to buy, and how they want to buy.

Criteo knows how customers buy, so we offer better personalization, better reach and better spend that drives results across a full funnel advertising campaign so you can show relevant ads for every touchpoint in this journey.

Harnessing the collective power of tens of thousands of actively participating advertisers, brands, and retailers, Criteo Shopper Graph has helped thousands of businesses reach their goals.

Criteo Shopper Graph includes insights from:

  • 725 million daily active users
  • $900B in ecommerce sales
  • 2.5B cross-device IDs
  • 4B products

Let's take a look next at how the Criteo Shopper Graph data is used by the AI Engine.