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In 2019, Criteo worked with the research company, Euromonitor International, to understand the state of the current AdTech landscape. The survey was called: Acquire, Convert, Re-Engage.

Criteo spoke with 901 marketers from around the globe about how they convert customers today - and what works best.

Watch the following video to learn more about the landscape's hot topics that surfaced from the survey:

  • More eCommerce companies will become Ad companies.
  • Transparency, transparency, transparency.
  • Ads won't advertise, they'll tell stories.

First, that more eCommerce companies will become ad companies. ​eCommerce companies will continue to rethink how brand partnerships and product placements work together. Cost per impression or CPM will take a front seat next year. Through sophisticated technology, it’s possible to maximize revenue from all the visitors to an ecommerce website, even if they don’t buy – as long as retailers can show brands that those impressions are valuable.​ For example, eCommerce giant Alibaba is often referred to as an ad company, instead of an eCommerce company. That’s because 60% of the company’s revenue actually comes from ads, not the products sold. In addition, Amazon’s ad business is growing massively – with expected growth of 55% in 2019 alone, according to J.P. Morgan. Number two is Transparency. ​Marketers want to know where their ads are being placed. They want to know which ads are working and how much revenue each ad contributes. Consumers want to know how their data is being used. Publishers want to know how their audiences interact with the ads on their websites and how much revenue is really being generated for partners.​Wherever you are in the ad-tech ecosystem, you probably want more transparency. As the big tech players keep consolidating – and building higher walls – it’s hard to really dive into the details on ad performance.​With the passage of GDPR and more privacy laws on the way, we know that transparency, privacy, and security are intertwined. And Ads are at the center of the storm. How can you personalize content but ensure customer data is secure? How can you know that a partner is using your ad dollars to create the best possible campaigns?​ All of these issues are at the forefront of the industry. New solutions, strategies, and partnerships will happen next year as companies work on adapting to this new reality. Criteo is already working on this.​ And finally, ads won’t advertise, they’ll tell stories. ​Great ads will matter more than ever, but especially those that understand a customer’s needs and tell a great story through product and content. The best ads this year won’t sell. They will entertain, educate, and inspire.​ When we look at the success of direct-to-consumer companies like Away, Harry’s, and Warby Parker, it’s not the product that grabs our attention – it’s the story. By matching quality product with a unique and shareable story, these companies have carved out a niche in the market.​ Consumers can get great discounts anywhere on the Internet. Ads need to be personalized to the point of telling a story to the individual consumer. That means creating a full funnel ad experience – through data. ​

Criteo prides itself on listening to the market and constantly evolving, which is why we’ve invested in new products at the upper and mid-funnel, a self-service platform offering customers more control and transparency and a creative studio, enabling us to deliver industry-leading creatives.

We are consistently keeping our attention on what’s happening in the industry and developing solutions that solve its problems.