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Have you achieved Criteo Partner status? Congratulations! One of the perks you now have access to is using the Criteo Partner badge. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Remember that only companies that have earned Partner status may use and display the Criteo Partner badge. Individual users who have earned their Criteo Advertising Professional Certification may only display the certificate (more details here)
  • The badge should be used only to show Criteo Partner status, it should not imply any other relationship or affiliation with Criteo, or suggest endorsement by Criteo for your services or products.

Ideas for using the badge

You can use the Criteo Partner badge on all of your marketing materials and anywhere you wish to promote your Partner status. Here are some ways other partners are using the badge:

  • On your agency's website
  • Your social channels, on company pages as well as updates and posts by your company page
  • In your emails and your email signature
  • In presentations and other materials for clients
  • On print materials, including brochures, letters and business cards
  • At events, on your stand display and handout materials

General & Design guidelines for using the Criteo Partner badge

The Criteo Partner badge must be used as is. We're offering you two colour options to give you flexibility. Remember to follow general branding best practice:

  • Do not alter the look of the badge, including colours and spacing.
  • Your own logo should always feature more prominently than the Criteo Partner badge.
  • You may resize the badge to adapt it to your needs. If you do this, the aspect ratio (width to height) and colours must remain the same.
  • The badge should not be cropped.

Download the badges here!