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Please read through the following regarding the Criteo Partners Campaign Credit.

By becoming a Criteo Partner, you unlock a campaign credit of $500 (or local equivalent). You'll be able to use this to grow your business and launch new Criteo campaigns. Here are the details:

1. Partner shall be eligible to receive an additional financial benefit in accordance with the requirements set out below.

2. Partner will receive a credit of 500 USD (or local equivalent), subject to the conditions set out below.

3. In order to be eligible for this financial benefit, Partner must reach these requirements:

a. Partner must be part of the Program and have access to the Platform.

b. At least two Partner employees must be certified, and Partner be certified as a “Criteo Partner”.

c. Partner launches at least one new ad campaign with Criteo after second employee signs-up in the Criteo advertising academy, and, within 90 days, reaches a minimum amount of 2000 USD (tax excluded), or local equivalent as calculated by the conversion rate at the time.

d. A new campaign is eligible if it has been launched after 2 employees have signed-up in the Criteo Advertising Academy, BUT will only accrue towards the 90 days AND $2000 threshold from the new campaign launch date OR from achieving partner status, whichever date is later.

4. The credit will be detailed on the invoice issued to Partner and will therefore be paid by the Criteo affiliate issuing the invoice. For the avoidance of doubt, where the Partner has multiple ad campaigns (and may receive multiple invoices from different Criteo affiliates), the credit shall be paid in relation to the first ad campaign to qualify. The credit shall be applied on the invoice issued in the month following completion of the requirements.

5. For the avoidance of doubt, Criteo shall only provide one financial benefit to Partner, having satisfied the requirements, and not on a per campaign basis.

6. At all times, Partner shall comply with relevant local laws including any laws, restrictions, practices including those that place an obligation of transparency on Partner in relation to financial benefits. If provision of financial benefits or incentives is not permitted under relevant local law, Partner shall notify Criteo and shall not be entitled to receive such a benefit. In particular, the financial benefit shall not be available to Partners based in France nor to ad campaigns aimed at a French audience.