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Criteo Partners is a program for digital advertising agencies who manage Criteo advertisers on behalf of other brands or marketers.

When you sign up for Criteo Partners, you will gain access to a range of benefits.

  • Earn the Criteo Partner Badge: Agencies can earn the Criteo Partner badge with a visibility boost in our preferred global partner listing. It demonstrates they have at least 2 employees who have achieved the Criteo Advertising Professional certification through the Criteo Advertising Academy. Criteo Partners must also meet active campaign requirements.
  • Access exclusive resources and rewards: Agencies who earn Criteo Partner status gain access to exclusive content including industry insights and promotional offers to retain and attract new customers.

Want to learn more about the program, the benefits or how to qualify before joining, visit the Criteo Partners website.

How to Become a Criteo Partner Today

  1. Visit Criteo Partners
  2. Click “Join Criteo Partners” to register to the Criteo Advertising Academy
  3. Review the Criteo Partners terms and conditions, accept and continue
  4. Take the Criteo Advertising Professional certification
  5. Qualify your agency for Criteo Partner status once 2 team members are certified and your agency is actively running Criteo campaigns