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About the Criteo Programmatic Advertising Professional Certification

Master your proficiency across programmatic advertising fundamentals and Criteo Commerce Growth solutions. There are 7 modules to explore, designed for you to learn at your own pace with practical business scenarios you can apply in your role giving you the edge you need.

What certification earns you

  • Knowledge and control over your campaigns to best meet your advertising objectives.
  • Individual recognition: a Criteo Programmatic Advertising Professional Certificate to share with your network, enhance your profile and grow your career.
  • Up-to-date information: be among the first to learn of new courses and certifications through the Criteo Commerce Academy newsletters.

Hear what others are saying

“What I really like about Criteo's Advertising Professional Certification in comparison to other certification programs is that Criteo's version really focuses on training actions that can immediately be deployed in campaigns and game planning for scalable growth. The information detailed in the Commerce Academy was easily digestible and very applicable. Insights garnered have evolved our retargeting strategies and discussions with clients.”
Michael Zwick, Director, Paid Search & Media of WPROMOTE, INC.
“I found the learning material insightful and has helped my overall understanding of the platform, creatives and how it works."
Selina Patel, PPC Manager of FLUID DIGITAL LIMITED
“This is a very informative course for someone who is just starting out on Criteo as well as someone who has an established knowledge of the platform. As someone who has heavily used the platform in the past, mainly to upload and launch new creatives on behalf of a client, I learned a lot through this course and feel confident to do more in the platform moving forward.”
Erin Ray, Paid Search Manager of WPROMOTE, INC.

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