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Introduction to Criteo's Commerce Media Vision

Let's learn about the meaning of Commerce Media and the Future of Advertising.

This introductory module takes you through the trends impacting Commerce Media market and how Criteo is transforming Commerce Media for the Open Internet.

Future Proofing your Commerce Marketing

Learn about First-Party Data is and the role it plays in a world without third-party cookies. Then get a closer look into the First-Party Network, how it works, and to get ahead of the identity changes.

This second module walks you through the importance of First-party data, the evolving advertising landscape, and how Criteo connects identity, commerce and measurement data to create a rich understanding of each customer in the network.

Get to Know Criteo

Get to know Criteo and how we can help to grow businesses with best-in-class advertising solutions.

This module takes you through how Criteo can attract new customers, drive traffic and increase sales to meet advertising goals with the Open Internet market leader. Explore topics like how consumers and businesses can benefit from the open internet, what is full funnel advertising, and an introduction to commerce and audience data.

How the Technology Works

Learn about how the AI engine uses real time data from the shopper graph.

This module takes you through the core components of the engine including predictive bidding, product recommendation, dynamic creative optimization and lookalike finder. It also covers topics on transparency, brand safety, data privacy and inventory that delivers the full value of every impression.

This module ends with Assessment 1 of 3 that tests your general Criteo and technology knowledge putting it into practice.

Criteo Marketing Solutions

Get an overview across how Criteo solutions can help to meet marketing goals across web, app and store channels.

This module takes a closer look at how each solution drives results across the buyer journey and covers topics like driving conversions on the web, driving qualified traffic, video advertising, contextual advertising, full funnel mobile app solutions and driving omnichannel sales.

Irresistible Creatives

Spark ad creativity and learn about the creative capabilities with ad format showcases.

This module takes you through how you can achieve great looking ads to tell a brand’s story from a simple, single product ad to eye-catching animation and interactive 360 experiences.

Understanding Audiences & When to Use Them

Learn about the audiences that can be reached with Criteo’s shopper graph.

This module explores topics around the data, technology and use cases of commerce, similar and custom audience types and which audience is right for your goal.

This module ends with Assessment 2 of 3 that tests your Criteo Marketing Solutions and audience knowledge.

Getting Started with Criteo

The fundamentals of what you need to know to get started with Criteo.

This module takes you through integration basics to get started with your campaigns. You will learn how these components come together to deliver a banner ad, understand what’s behind Criteo OneTag, the importance of feed and creatives to deliver the right message.

Strategies for Success

With your campaign live, learn about different strategies to setup, manage and optimize a successful campaign.

This module covers scenarios on establishing campaign goals and takes you through best practices for conversion campaigns, including key metrics, bidding basics, optimization strategies and best practices.

This module ends with Assessment 3 of 3 that tests your knowledge on campaign setup and optimization best practices.

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